Did KDVR Do a Skittles Ad During Last Night’s Newscast?

By Kevin Eck 

It’s almost Super Bowl week which means professional men’s football players get involved in all sorts of shenanigans. This time, an NFL player turned the tables and involved a TV station in what some would say is an uncomfortable situation.

Denver Broncos Outside Linebacker DeMarcus Ware showed up at Denver Fox affiliate KDVR and did what looked like a taped Skittles ad with chief meteorologist Dave Fraser after Fraser gave his 9 p.m. forecast last night.

“We’re looking for a little bit of rainbow,” said Ware, who then tried to add the rainbow into a sentence, any sentence. Fraser stepped in and finished the thought for Ware by saying, “Root for the rainbow.”

Our compatriots over at Adfreak also pointed out Skittles tweeted it out, though without a KDVR mention.