Detroit Stations Jump Into Breaking News Coverage Amid Massive Power Failure

By Mark Joyella 

Detroit Power A massive power failure in Detroit has forced stations into breaking news coverage, as city schools, universities, courthouses and other public buildings have lost power without explanation. Fox-owned WJBK jumped into rolling coverage, with huge downtown buildings being evacuated and emergency workers responding to calls of people stranded in elevators.

WDIVNBC affiliate WDIV had a reporter traveling through downtown Detroit in a news vehicle with a live camera, showing intersections without operating traffic lights, and the resulting confusion for drivers. Schools impacted by the power failure were planning to release students, and courts canceled sessions for the day.

And of course there were some entertaining moments. “The good thing is I actually got my cardio in today because I had to walk eight flights,” a judge told ABC affiliate WXYZ.

WDIV’s livestream can be found here, WJBK’s livestream coverage is here, and WXYZ’s livestream is here.