Detroit Reporter Says She was Shot At for Doing Her Job

By Kevin Eck 

WXYZ reporter Kim Russell went on Facebook live to tell viewers she and station photographer Jeremy Johnson were shot at while covering a story.

The Detroit ABC affiliate reporter said she and Johnson were shot at while “doing our jobs” following up on a local man accused of shooting two police officers. She talked about it on the Noon newscast yesterday during a live shot, saying she and Johnson went looking for relatives of the suspect, but came under fire.

“We could not see the shooter, but a neighbor down the street said, ‘Yeah, that person at that house you were going to has a reputation and has shot at people before,'” said Russell. “So clearly that was their way of saying they did not want us there.”


Russell said she and Johnson were unhurt. She then tweeted out a warning to other journalists and also lashed out at detractors who said her story was fake news.

“It is absolutely real what happened,” said Russell. “And this is not the only time that something has happened where I have put myself at risk for this job. This is very hard work at a lot of times and you are going places where you don’t know what to expect.”

Here’s her warning tweet: