Designer Wins Gold for WAGA Set

By Kevin Eck 

Devlin Design Group just won a PromaxBDA Gold award for the set it designed for Fox-owned station WAGA.

The set designer also won a Southeast Regional Emmy and a “Set of the Year” award from Newscast Studio for the set Devlin says takes “viewers deeper into stories by improving their storytelling capabilities.”

Anchors and reporters are now able to interact with a story by using a wide array of technology including touch screens, social media kiosks, a number of video towers and the much talked about moving storytelling wall, which literally comes alive by using motorized mechanics to pivot a section of the video wall to reveal and invite viewers deeper into a story from a visual perspective. The possibilities have energized the entire Fox 5 team.

“We are honored to be recognized for this scenic storytelling environment,” said Dan Devlin owner/chief creative strategist of Devlin Design Group. “Innovation is one of our foundational elements at Team DDG. The groundbreaking set at WAGA is consistent with that goal. Some of our most fruitful discussions have begun with this statement “What if we could…”

Here are some pics of the set: