Des Moines Reporter Uses Kickstarter to Publish Book on Iowa Caucus

By Kevin Eck 

WHO reporter Dave Price recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his self-published book about the 2012 Iowa Caucus titled Caucus Chaos.

“I wrote the book because there’s never been an Iowa Caucus like the one we just experienced,” Price told TVSpy. “The rise and fall of so many different candidates in less than one year’s time was remarkable and unprecedented. The name Caucus Chaos seemed to be the perfect fit.”

The political reporter for the Des Moines, IA, NBC affiliate was looking for $4,000 but raised more than $5,000.

Price said the book covers “everything that lead up to caucus night, the drama behind the infamous caucus night [Mitt] Romney declaration and the fears that followed that Iowa’s Caucuses may be damaged because of the way it all went down.”

“I never thought we would raise the money that we did,” Price added. “So incredibly cool so many people are interested in helping to share this story.”

He told TVSpy he will likely release the book at the end of the month on

His website has more information about the book and includes videos to help tell the story.

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