Denver Anchor Talks About His 34 Years On-Air

By Kevin Eck 

Next year, KUSA anchor Mark Koebrich will be retiring from the Denver NBC affiliate after 34 years there.

Since he started at the station in 1981, Koebrich has anchored the morning, afternoon and evening newscasts.

In November, he told The Denver Post, “The key to survival was to be the person they needed at the moment. I’ve done every time period.”

Koebrich talked to the Denver Business Journal about everything from why he was retiring to how to survive in a newsroom. Click here for the full story.

BH: What about politics in the newsroom?
MK: There are politics, but it’s all about the numbers. Television is all about winning, and as you know, this place has a huge tradition of that. Ratings are very important. It’s about the numbers for any talent at any television station these days and (it’s been about the numbers) pretty much my whole career.
You have to be the person of the moment. You have to be the person they need. You have to watch. You have to see what direction they want to go in. You have to listen to what they are saying to you, about what they need. If you want to stay in this business, you have to work to become that person.
BH: What about your reputation for being such a nice guy?
MK: I have fun here; I have a good time. I always wanted to be in the position at the station where the fun was happening.
BH: Do you have something to admit?
MK: That I’ve killed nine people? No! I’m just a kid from the Midwest who walks in here every day, pretty much starstruck. I can’t believe that I am here. I still love coming through the door and seeing everybody.
BH: Do you have a blooper reel?
MK: This is my 46th year in television. I’ve had everything bad happen. I’ve had lights fall on me, I have swallowed bugs, I have fallen down on live TV, and I have been chased by bears. There is nothing that hasn’t happened to me.