DC Stations Cover Metro Shutdown

By Kevin Eck 

Traffic reporters took center stage this morning in Washington, D.C. after the Metro Shutdown for the day.

Stations had to juggle the potential gridlock with the results from last night’s primaries along with other local news.

The Washington Post reports “The new general manager, Paul J. Wiedefeld, and the Metro board decided to suspend operations to conduct emergency inspections of electric cables, raising new alarms about the beleaguered 40-year-old rail system’s ability to deliver safe, reliable service.”


Twenty-two inspection crews set out before dawn Wednesday to begin examining the cables, according to an internal Metro advisory, and four cable construction crews were standing by to repair any cables deemed faulty.

TVSpy watched parts of the first 30 minutes of the 6 a.m. shows to see what stations were covering.

All stations had their traffic reporters keeping viewers updated on what it looked like on the roads and rails. They also told viewers why the system was shutdown.

One interesting note unique to D.C. is the updates on whether Federal Government employees could telecommute or take unscheduled leave really matters since so many of the station’s viewers are government workers.

All the stations went with live team coverage and had their traffic reporters giving commuters options on how to get to work, whether by train, HOV lane, car services like Uber and Lyft, Capitol Bike Share or by bus.

The Metro system is expected to be shutdown until at least 5 a.m. tomorrow morning.