Dawn Stensland-Mendte Lashes Out at Larry’s Critics

By Andrew Gauthier 

Dawn Stensland-Mendte, who formerly worked as an anchor for Philadelphia’s WTXF, is lashing out at critics of her husband Larry as he prepares to begin a civil trial with Alycia Lane.

Last week, the infamously outspoken writer Buzz Bissinger wrote a scathing column in the Philadelphia Daily News calling Mendte a “cowardly, conniving criminal with no credibility” while championing Lane, who he considers a friend. And today the Daily News published an editorial response from Stensland-Mendte who criticizes Bissinger’s “rant” as being “void of facts” and outlines the 2007 criminal case that Lane faced after allegedly assaulting a New York City police officer.

Here’s an excerpt from Stensland-Mendte piece:

Buzz, I forgive you. Better middle-age married men than you have done something stupid because of their feelings for Alycia Lane.

In your impassioned rant, void of facts, you made an ironic “call” for better journalism in covering the case. It is the one thing we can agree on. As a wife who believes that her successful TV career was collateral damage in an orchestrated media campaign against my husband, I could match your passion.