David Axelrod Defends the Nico Pitney Question on “Meet the Press”

By Andrew Gauthier 

David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama, was a guest on “Meet the Press” yesterday. It is likely that Axelrod was expecting questions from host David Gregory on health care, the situation in Iran, and even about the death of Michael Jackson. He was probably not expecting questions about the National Editor of the Huffington Post.

Here’s an excerpt from the transcript of the show…

MR. GREGORY: Well, why is it appropriate to coordinate with a reporter about what’s asked at a time when we’re championing democracy around the world?
MR. AXELROD: No, no, David, you miss…
MR. GREGORY: Is that, is that what you should do at a press conference?
MR. AXELROD: You’re not, you’re not listening to what I said. We didn’t coordinate with, with him about what was asked.

MR. GREGORY: Right. So you would, so you’d do it again?
MR. AXELROD: Yeah, I have no problem with what was done. We want to foment dialogue around the world. And if we can get quotations from within Iran asked, whatever those questions may be–and as I said, that one was a tough one–I think we’re, we’re doing something positive.

Full video of the episode…