Dave Ward Celebrates 45 Years at Houston’s KTRK

By Merrill Knox 

At 72, Dave Ward will celebrate his 45th anniversary with the ABC owned-and-operated KTRK in Houston tomorrow, marking what is believed to be the longest tenure of any broadcaster at a single station. The 6 and 10 p.m. anchor talks to the Houston Chronicle about the challenges of his job:

“Being objective in news reporting is damned near totally impossible,” he said. “You’re a human being, and the way you raise your eyebrows can sometimes say things to people. But the more you can do in a factual way gives the viewer a chance to make up his own mind rather than putting your own opinion out there.

“I think that is one reason I have been successful. I have tried steadfastly to keep it on the straight and narrow.”

For that effort, he has the appreciation of co-workers like [KTRK] news director Dave Strickland, who said in an email, “It’s been an honor not only to work beside such a legend but to also learn from him as well. Dave is the best at what he does, and I am lucky to be a part of his tenure.”

“He has a reassuring sense of authority,” Carson said. “He conveys warmth and humor. You can tell by following him over the years that he has impeccable integrity and high standards. … And, of course, he’s been on the air so long that people think he’s family.”