Dallas Station Recovers From Crash, Brings in Counselors

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Counselors will be available for employees at KDFW after yesterday’s incident, in which a man crashed his truck into the building several times.

TVSpy has learned that many of the staffers at the Fox station in Dallas seem to be coping well, but management wanted to bring in counselors for anyone in need of additional support.

Reporters across the market ran to the station after Michael Fry crashed his truck multiple times into the side of the building. He got out of the car, began ranting and throwing papers.

Though authorities do not believe Fry—whom they said had a lengthy criminal record—was targeting the media, KTVT anchor-reporter Dan Taggerty told TVSpy that security is a constant question in his newsroom and across the Dallas market.

“I was shocked, but not afraid. FOX 4 did a fantastic job covering the chaos and uncertainty, and their composure gave me comfort that they were safe. Security is an ongoing discussion in today’s newsrooms. It’s something that my station, CBS 11, takes very seriously. We have regular briefings about building security and employee safety. And I hear the same from friends at other stations in Dallas.”

Fox 4 captured the moment Fry ran into the building, in this video: