‘Daily Buzz’ Morning Show Set for Boston Debut

By Andrew Gauthier 


The highly caffeinated syndicated morning show “The Daily Buzz” is set to enter its largest market yet. On January 3rd, “Daily Buzz” will debut on Boston CW-affiliate WLVI.

The show, which is produced in Winter Park, FL by Fisher Communications and distributed by ACME Communications, centers around three core co-anchors: Mitch English, Kia Malone, and Andy Campbell. It’s a familiar mix of morning show interviews and analysis, often broken up into branded segments such as “Head Drama,” which on Thursday’s show posed the question “Have you ever had an overly demanding boss?”


When the show began, it was broadcast out of ACME-owned WBDT in Dayton before moving on to the Orlando area where it bounced around from different studios and stations before settling into a permanent residence in Winter Park, on the campus of Full Sail University. In 2010, ACME entered into an agreement with Fisher in which Fisher would produce the show while ACME continued to oversee distribution.

The show’s slogan is “News & Weather delivered with Personality” and the broadcast industry will look on with curiosity to see how it fares at what will be its 165th station. “The Daily Buzz” is a unique hodgepodge of tried and true broadcast methods and new media aspirations. It’s a syndicated program that is scheduled against local newscasts and includes strategic partnerships with web-based media entities, including the website GalTime. As the show enters the #7 market in the country, it sure to continue generating buzz.