‘Crazy Person’ Turns Out to Be KDKA Reporter

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

This story might hit home for some reporters.

Social media has forced many broadcasters to file stories from various locations in-between broadcast hits in order to keep viewers informed.

But at times, it can look like we’re talking to ourselves when shooting these videos and in the case of KDKA reporter Meghan Schiller someone watching her from afar thought that to be true.

“You realize I got called for a crazy person talking to herself,” an officer told Schiller while she was doing a Facebook live follow up on local landslides.

She thought he was kidding at first.

“Is this a joke? No.”

The officer responded to a 911 call and quickly realized it was Schiller.

“That might be the best thing I’ve heard definitely all day, maybe all month,” she said during her Facebook live.

You can watch the entire exchange below.

Police Called Over ‘Crazy Person’ Talking To Self, Turns Out To Be KDKA Reporter On Facebook Live