‘Conversations’ Host Ed Gordon on His Partnership With the NBC Owned Stations

By Merrill Knox 

Former NBC and CBS correspondent Ed Gordon is the subject of Mediabistro’s latest “So What Do You Do?” interview. Gordon, who hosts an interview series that airs debuted on the 10 NBC-owned stations last month, talked about how the partnership with the station group came about:

I wish I could tell you that I had a lot to do with that, but we have a great team that works with us, and the gentleman who was in charge of going out there and selling the show in syndication reached out to the folks that make those decisions, and we were very pleased that all 10 NBC O&Os took the show. Over the years, I’ve been very proud of the [interview subjects] I’ve been able to get, and the caliber of them and, most importantly, what they’ve talked to me about. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to people who open up to me in ways that they don’t open up to most interviewers, and I hope that the people that made the decision that they were going to take the show saw some of that.

Gordon also offers advice for securing “exclusive” interviews, which he says is harder than it used to be:

Well, it’s not as easy as it used to be in what I call the “old days.” I mean, it used to be that you got an exclusive and it was exclusive, and you were the only one who could talk to that person for, let’s say, at least a week, or a month, or during that period. Now, it’s very hard to get an exclusive interview because people just don’t believe in talking to one person. They’ll talk to you, and then Dr. Phil and Entertainment Tonight and everybody else. So, I think what you want to shoot for is getting someone to talk to you in a way they don’t talk to everyone else.