CNN to Disclose Contributor’s Ties to Advocacy Group

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

CNN said Thursday that it would disclose one of its contributors’ ties to an insurance industry advocacy group in the future, but did not explain why it had not done so in the past.

The cable news network was reacting to a claim by Media Matters for America, a progressive media monitoring group, that one of its regular commentators, Alex Castellanos, was tied to an advertising campaign by Americas Health Insurance Plans, an association of about 1,300 insurers. AHIP opposes a government-run plan.


Media Matters, a progressive media monitoring group, said that Mr. Castellanos “is responsible for placing, beginning October 11, more than $1 million of AHIP advertising in five states.” One of the ads warns of cuts to the Medicare Advantage insurance plans. Another calls for “bipartisan reforms.”

In a statement, CNN said, “When Alex Castellanos returns from his vacation and next appears on CNN, we will clearly disclose to our viewers relevant information including his firms relationship with AHIP.”More…