Cleveland Station Goes on Manziel Watch

By Kevin Eck 

Cleveland’s ABC affiliate WEWS has launched Manziel Watch to find Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Megan Hickey went to the Quarterback’s house to see what’s up. Manziel has been a no-show on many levels and was reportedly partying in Vegas over the weekend using the name Billy and wearing a blonde wig and a mustache.


When Hickey had no luck finding Johnny, or Billy, the station turned up the heat the next day and brought in Kristin Volk.

Volk said “something interesting” happened at Manziel’s house on her beat. “We heard voices inside,” she told anchor Dhomonique Ricks. “Guys voices. But as as soon as I knocked, they stopped talking and they got silent.”

The Big Lead reports Volk knocked on Manziel’s door three times, then called him and left a message, then texted him, his agent and his marketing firm without getting a response.

How long can Manziel possibly stayed holed up in there? Come out Johnny! You can’t hide from the reporters of newsnet5 Cleveland forever. And when you do finally crawl out from your cozy lair they’ll be waiting. And they’ll ask you if you were in Las Vegas last weekend. And you’ll have no choice but to continue ignoring them or say “no comment” as you walk to your car, get in your car, and drive away.