Cleveland Anchor Opens Up About Her Own Pregnancy Loss After Chrissy Teigen’s Tragic News

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

When Chrissy Teigen and musician husband John Legend shared news that they had lost their newborn baby, Jack, after pregnancy complications, people from around the world responded with love and their own stories of loss.

One of those people was WEWS anchor Homa Bash, who thanked the celebrity couple for sharing their story so that she and others who had experienced pregnancy losses could feel less alone.

“We had a procedure to remove the rest of our baby today,” the Cleveland anchor and reporter wrote on Twitter. “Don’t have enough words to thank the nurses who let me squeeze their hands so hard, & doctors who took such great care. thanks to chrissy & john for their vulnerability and sharing such heartache – none of us are alone.”


Bash expressed in other posts how much she appreciated the couple being open about their journey. “There is no reason for women to suffer in shadows & silence,” she wrote.

Teigen had previously shared complications she was having during the pregnancy, including hospital admissions and the need for blood transfusions.