Citadel CEO Says There’s ‘No Way’ He Would Shut Down WLNE Newsroom

By Andrew Gauthier 

As Citadel Communications emerged as the front-runner in the sale of struggling Providence station WLNE, there has naturally been speculation about how the company, which owns four stations in the midwest, would manage the ABC-affiliate.

Many are wondering if Citadel, faced with a cash-strapped station, would take the bold measure of shutting down WLNE’s newsroom.

Phil Lombardo, Citadel’s CEO, says that that is absolutely not going to happen.

“We are very committed to news,” Lombardo told WPRI reporter Ted Nesi this morning. There is “no way” that Citadel will shutter WLNE’s news operations.

“I know the station has had problems in the past and that doesn’t deter me at all,” he said. “I think that the way we operate can make it a very successful entity and a good citizen of the community.”