Cincinnati Meteorologist Tim Hedrick Dies at 55

By Kevin Eck 

WKRC chief meteorologist Tim Hedrick died Saturday morning. He was 55.

“My friend Tim Hedrick died this morning after a very long battle against a devastating illness,” Anchor Rob Braun told viewers shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday. “His family was with him when he passed.”

Here’s the rest of what Braun said:

Tim has been battling an elusive disease for many years. The worst of the battle has been over the last two months, which is why you haven’t seen him on the air next to me.

There will be a memorial service celebrating Tim in the coming weeks, but the planning for that has not yet even begun.

Our Local 12 family is in shock as I am sure you are, as we try to understand this devastating news.

We’ll have more about the passing of Tim Hedrick on the air in the coming days.

Hedrick came back to the station in February after taking time off for an unspecified surgery.

In 2012, he took a six week leave of absence for personal reasons and another five weeks in 2008 to recover from prostate cancer.