Police Report: Chicago Sportscaster Danced in Street After Being Pulled Over

By Andrew Gauthier 

Strange details have emerged from Mike Adamle’s DUI arrest earlier this month.

According to a police report obtained by TribLocal, the Chicago sportscaster danced in the streets after being pulled over by Evanston police and at one point even did a head stand.

Adamle, who “vigorously disputes” that he was under the influence when police pulled him over a couple of hours after he appeared on WMAQ‘s “Sports Sunday Live” show, is due in court on February 14.

Adamle’s blood alcohol level was under the legal limit that night even though he failed the field sobriety test. Police also suspected Adamle of being under the influence of something other than alcohol.  According to TribLocal:

The report states that Adamle exhibited “erratic behavior” while in lock up, grinding his teeth, rubbing his nose, and acting “extremely jittery,” according to the report.

The arresting officer stated that he suspected Adamle was under the influence of something other than alcohol, and asked if Adamle had recently taken any type of drugs, including prescription drugs.

Adamle answered “no” to the officer’s question, according to the report. But later he allegedly told a certified DUI drug investigator that he was taking Lomictal for seizures, and had been doing so for the last six years, according to the report.