Charlotte Deleste Leaving WISC in Madison After 18 Years

By Kevin Eck 

Charlotte Deleste is leaving Madison, Wisconsin CBS affiliate WISC next week after 18 years.

Deleste has 32 years of experience in broadcast journalism.

“This is such a different job because truly every day is different,” she said. “The variety of what we can report on, witness and experience is like none other.”


“In all this time, I’ve never interviewed a President or a jaw-dropping celebrity, and I’m fine with that,” she told the station. “The superstars I’ve had the privilege of interviewing are the people who make this community the special place that I call home.”

Deleste said she’s grateful for sharing the stories of veterans, doctors, farmers and teachers.

“Do you know how difficult it is to choose a top-notch teacher? Or help select Madison’s best nurses? These are people who do the work of angels on this earth,” Deleste said. “How fortunate am I to have been able to shine the light on amazing humans who do something good? That’s the true lottery win right there.”

Deleste’s last day is scheduled for April 24.