Changes to DMA Rankings: Seattle, Denver Are Up, Florida Markets Are Down

By Andrew Gauthier 


The Top 10 local markets (DMAs) will remain the same this season, with a few rank changes in the Top 20. Moving up are Seattle, from 14 to 13, and Denver from 18 to 16. Tampa, Miami and Cleveland are each down one rank.

There were no new markets to enter the Top 50 or the Top 100, although there were several multi-rank increases and decreases. Notable changes in the Top 100 markets include:


>> Four Florida markets are down (Tampa, Miami, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee), partially due to declines in domestic migration

>> New Orleans has the largest percentage increase among all markets, up 5.2% from last year, and moves up 2 ranks from 53 to 51 as former residents return to the city and Census Bureau estimates are adjusted

>> New York adds the most homes of any market (+59,710) while Waco shows the largest change in ranks, moving from 94 to 89

>> Other multi-rank increases in the Sun Belt region include Tucson (+2), Shreveport (+2), and Charleston, SC (+2)

>> The Midwest sees multi-rank decreases in Columbus, OH (-2), Grand Rapids (-2), Flint (-2) and South Bend (-2)

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