Changes in Store at New York’s Big 3

By Chris Ariens 

The Daily News’ Richard Huff says the New York market is about to see big changes in the New Year. Anchor changes, retirements and returns will occur at WABC-7, WCBS-2 and WNBC-4.

“There will be some major developments” on Jan. 3, agrees David Diaz, a former Ch. 2 and Ch. 4 reporter and now a lecturer at City College of New York.

“This is a very critical time in local news. There are people talking about local news disappearing,” says Diaz, even though “it’s still the single most important source of news in the United States.”

[Sue] Simmons and [Chuck] Scarborough remain Ch. 4’s biggest brand name, and their impact together shouldn’t be underestimated, noted one insider.

Perhaps acknowledging the team’s clout, Ch. 4 sent Scarborough to interview Simmons earlier this week, to talk about the surgery that has kept her off the air since late October. “We haven’t been apart this length of time since we started,” he noted in the piece.