Buffalo Anchor Explains Zombie Cat Comments

By Kevin Eck 

Last Wednesday, while tossing to break, WIVB morning anchors Jordan Williams and Teresa Weakley promoted a story about Bart, the zombie cat, who dug its way out of its own grave. During the toss, Weakley said, “Freaks me out. Thinking it should have been deeper.”

Viewers who thought Weakley was less concerned about the cat’s welfare and more concerned about the depth of the grave lit up facebook. One viewer called the Buffalo CBS affiliate anchor a “disgusting woman” and added Weakley “would be better off as a handbag.”

After her on-air explanation and subsequent posting of that explanation to facebook, comments see-sawed between those thinking her apology was not genuine enough and those who defended her.


Calling it a misunderstanding, Weakley called out viewers for their mean comments, said what she said was a mistake, and added she misspoke because she was distracted. Here’s the video: