Brady Sketch Artist Blames WBZ Reporter for Social Media Storm

By Kevin Eck 

Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg went on the apology/attack last night after her artist’s impression of Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady on trial went viral.

WBZ reporter Jim Armstrong got a one-on-one with the sketch artist who told him she jokingly blames him for the attention, while admitting she doesn’t get the whole social media thing. WBZ says she gives him first look at her sketches and he often tweets them out before anyone else.

Rosenberg’s sketch of Brady started a meme storm of Super Bowl proportions, yesterday. Brady showed up as ET, Michael Jackson and in the painting The Scream.

“Boy, did this turn out to be not just another day,” she told the reporter for the Boston CBS-owned station. “And I’m blaming you.” Rosenberg added, “You tweeted out the sketch. I am not a social media person. So I don’t really understand it.”

WBZ also said on this morning’s news, she told Armstrong she was going to go home and have a good cry.

Here’s Brady as ET: