Bonten Stations to Air Series on Gun Violence

By Merrill Knox 

Bonten Media stations have scheduled a week-long series of special reports on gun violence that will air across all its stations beginning February 18.

“The Facts: Guns in America” will be presented in five reports, each produced by a reporter at a different Bonten station. The reports range in topic from an examination of the second amendment to a spotlight on gun violence and mental health.

“There is no topic that generates more heat and less light than guns,” Bonten Media CEO Randall Bongarten said in a statement. “We believe it is our responsibility to provide factual information so that our viewers can make their own judgments on critical issues like gun control.”

Reports will be presented by Wayne McCormick of KTXS in Abliene, Texas; Wes Goforth of WCTI in Greenville, N.C.; Steve Fetveit of KECI-KTVM in Missoula, Mont.; Kelli Saam of KRCR in Chico, Calif.; and Julie Newman of WCYB in Bristol, Va. See a full list of their topics after the jump.



Produced by

Monday February 18

What Does the 2nd Amendment Really Say?

KTXS Abilene, TX

Tuesday February 19

The History of Gun Regulation in America

WCTI Greenville-New Bern, NC

Wednesday February 20

Gun Regulation and Mental Health

KECI/KTVM Missoula/Butte-Bozeman, MT

Thursday February 21

Gun Regulation in Other Developed Countries

KRCR Chico Redding, CA

Friday February 22

Can Gun Regulation Work?

WCYB Tri-Cities, TN-VA