Becky Swan Leaving WGXA

By Aneya Fernando 

WGXA2Becky Swan, vice president and general manager at FOX affiliate WGXA, has decided to leave the Macon, Ga., station.

“To say I am proud of the changes this station has undergone and the progress the team has made over the course of the last three years is an absolute understatement,” Swan told TVSpy. “WGXA has a tremendous team of employees. Each has made an impact on the growth and improvement to the operations as well as on me personally.”

Swan is leaving Sinclair Broadcast Group to work with former WGXA owner, Jason Wolfe.

“My position is Senior Vice President of Television,” she told TVSpy. “Not only will I manage his current group of television stations, but I will also work on new television acquisitions. This is an exciting new-but-familiar opportunity for me. ”

Swan has been with WGXA since March 2012. Prior to that, she was vice president and general manager at KECI, KCFW and KTVM in Montana.

Swan’s last day at WGXA is this Friday.