Bay Area Reporter Details Being Robbed

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

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KTVU anchor, Claudine Wong, is sharing her story after her purse was snatched this weekend.

“What a terrible and frustrating feeling to become the victim of a crime. First of all, I’m not hurt and I know that’s the most important thing. They got my purse, my wallet and my phone and I get a headache but that’s it. But as a journalist I feel like it’s important to get a few things out there,” she said in a Facebook post that detailed the story.

Wong says she was shopping at Costco in the San Fransisco area. He purse was on top of her shopping cart. She shared surveillance photos that showed a black car edging close to her in the parking lot before some grabbed her purse.

“I am told the video shows me running for just a moment after them. I screamed hey as they sped away,” she said.

The FOX 2 reporter says she wasn’t hurt. You can read the full encounter below.