Baltimore Meteorologist Collapses During Forecast

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WBFF viewers were concerned yesterday when chief meteorologist Vytas Reid collapsed while on the air yesterday.

It happened during his first hit of the Fox affiliate’s 4 p.m. show. Reid was in the middle of giving local temps when his speech began slowing down—and then he collapsed.

The director kept the shot up for a few seconds after it happened, and the production crew can be heard saying “Vitas!”, while running toward him to help. The station went to break right after that.


Anchor Jennifer Gilbert did not address Reid’s collapse when she came back from break. But the station did post a photo later Facebook saying Reid was ok.

“Thank you to everyone expressing concern for Chief Meteorologist Vytas Reid. He’s ok. He says he now knows it’s important to not get so busy you forget to eat!”