Atlanta Reporter Speaks Out Against ‘Halloween Haters’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WXIA reporter Kaitlin Ross is getting press for being a little extra this Halloween.

After doing stories about cities putting restrictions on Halloween, she wrote a lengthy Facebook post on her decision to step it up a notch this year to bring extra joy to the holiday.

I’m going to do it!
I’m going to be the house that hands out the big candy bars at Halloween this year.
Because it’s JOYFUL!
And I am so sick of hearing about the Halloween haters.
So far this week, we have reported on:

*A city that has made it a CRIME for kids over the age of 14 to trick or treat.
– 15? 16? 17? Come to my house, you get a candy bar.
I know a lot of full grown adults who deserve a candy bar, too!

*A family who “ranted” that kids from other neighborhoods were coming to their house for their “good” candy.
-Not from around here? Come to my house! You get a candy bar!

*People refusing to give Halloween candy until a child audibly says, “trick or treat”!
-Is your kid nonverbal? Shy? Not in the mood to talk to a total stranger? They get a candy bar without having to say a word!

Does your child have a dairy allergy? No problem, I got some skittles.

This is supposed to be about FUN!

Today Parents did a story on Ross’ enthusiasm for full-sized candy bars on Halloween.