Atlanta Meteorologist’s Sarcastic Tweet to His Daughter Goes Viral

By Kevin Eck 

A text conversation between WXIA chief meteorologist Chris Holcomb and his daughter has gone viral.

After telling folks in Atlanta about the possibility of snow in the area, his daughter texted him to say she was checking the weather app she has on her phone.

“I then said ‘Maybe your weather app will pay for your college,'” said Holcomb. “I just thought it was so ironic that her Dad is a chief meteorologist, but she still was checking her app for a weather forecast!”

He then took a screenshot of the conversation and sent it out on social media.

WXIA reports that as of yesterday, it had been retweeted more than 50,000 times and as of this writing it’s been liked 156,00 times.

“Even people who have no idea who I am are thinking this is one of the funniest tweets they’ve seen,’ Chris said. “It may also tap in to the perception that ‘weathermen are always wrong,’ since a meteorologist’s daughter was referring to her iPhone app to get the weather.”