Atlanta Anchor Has Quick Brush with Fame in ‘Flight’

By Kevin Eck 

Hollywood films often use actors to portray TV anchors, reporters and photographers but sometimes they hire the real deal.  When Denzel Washington’s new film “Flight” shot around the Atlanta area, WXIA‘s Ted Hall was lucky enough get a very brief flash of fame.  15 minutes?  Try 15 frames.

“So quick,” Hall told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about his brief cameo, “I could tell it was my tie and voice but didn’t register my face.”

The morning anchor for the Atlanta NBC affiliate told the Journal-Constitution when he watched the movie, he thought his part had been cut.  But after sticking around till the end, he saw himself in a quick flash as Washington’s character William “Whip” Whitaker is flipping through channels in his Atlanta hotel room.

Hall added, “That half second was a bonus.”  You can watch the movie’s trailer after the jump.