Apple Unveils iPod Nano With Video Camera, Targets Flip Camera

By Andrew Gauthier 


One of the biggest revelations at Apple’s music event Wednesday wasn’t just that the iPod Nano now has a video camera, but that Apple has the popular Flip Video camera squarely in its sights.

With user-created video exploding, Apple CEO Steve Jobs uttered what is probably one of the more frightening things rival electronics industry execs can hear: “We want to get in on this.”


Already having decimated the MP3 player market with the iPod, and putting pressure on fellow smartphone makers, Apple now hopes to take on the Flip in its own backyard: short, user-generated video clips. Cisco purchased Pure Digital, the maker of the popular flash-based camera, earlier this year for almost $600 million because it was clearly the leader in its field. The Flip Video set itself apart by making the process of creating, editing, and uploading short videos to sites like YouTube very uncomplicated. In two years the company said it sold 2 million devices. More…