Apple Approves iPhone App that Provides Personalized News

By Andrew Gauthier 


Reading RSS feeds in your Google Reader is fine, but sometimes we feel like RSS could be a lot more dynamic, not to mention less time-consuming. We have habits and tendencies. We like to read stories about certain things and skip others. Some of us love Twitter, others prefer news about iPhone development. Why can’t these RSS readers read our minds and give us what we want?

The my6sense iPhone app does essentially that. The app, which has been stuck in the limbo of Apple’s archaic review process for weeks, has finally made its debut in the iPhone App Store. Along with being a solid mobile RSS reader, my6sense monitors what you read and uses that info to generate a customized feed of articles you’ll want to read.


my6sense is first and foremost an RSS reader, and a pretty damn good one at that. You can import all of your settings from Google Reader and other sources and build your RSS feed reader. More…