Anthony Ponce Says He Quit WMAQ to Drive for Lyft

By Kevin Eck 

When Anthony Ponce quit Chicago NBC-owned station WMAQ, there was some speculation that he did so after being passed over for a promotion. The official line from WMAQ was that he quit “to pursue other opportunities.”

In a Facebook video, Ponce admits Robert Feder was right, he left because he didn’t get promoted. But he also reveals another reason why he got out. He says while he was working at WMAQ, he had a second job as a driver for the car service Lyft, which gave him an idea.

Ponce says he’s launching an online show called Backseat Rider where he’ll record “intimate one-on-one interviews” with people from all walks of life from the backseat of his car. He’s calling it a storytelling experiment which will be available on the iTunes podcast app. It’s audio only.

Check out the video below.

Ponce talked about it with his brother Dan on WGN: