Another Fresno Anchor Tests Positive for Covid-19

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

A second high-profile anchor in Fresno, Calif., has tested positive for Covid-19.

CBS47 anchor Megan Rupe posted on social media that she’s been off the air because she’s been fighting the coronavirus.

“A little update: A few of you have reached out asking why I haven’t been on-air this week, and I’m so appreciative,” Rupe wrote on Facebook. “This week I tested positive for COVID-19. I’m doing just fine, my symptoms are very mild. A few more days of quarantine, and I’m hoping to be back to work next week.” 

Rupe says it’s been hard isolating at home. She’s quarantining for now.

“The biggest struggle during this time has been loneliness,” Rupe said. “It breaks my heart to think of families separated by this virus. I’m also fortunate to work from home, but I know so many in our country have lost employment and are hurting financially.”

Rupe isn’t the only local newscaster to come down with the virus. In June, longtime KFSN- TV anchor Liz Harrison revealed her diagnosis ahead of her planned retirement. Harrison has since recovered.

You can read more about how the virus has impacted news personnel and the city here.