Anchor’s Daughter Writes Apology Note After Calling During Newscast

By Kevin Eck 

Dawn Timmeney was anchoring the 10 p.m. news on Philadelphia Fox-owned station WTXF last Thursday night when her phone rang on-air.

“After I got off the air, I turned on the phone to find out who called at 10:32,” Timmeney wrote on Facebook. It was her 14-year-old daughter Oona.

“She was calling to say ‘Good Night.'”

Oona felt bad for the on-air interruption and didn’t want her mom to get into trouble, so she wrote news director Jim Driscoll an apology note.

Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Mr Driscoll,
I’m so sorry I called my mom during the news. I was just calling to say goodnight because I haven’t seen her all week.