Anchor Really Wants to Talk About Couple Fighting in Live Shot

By Kevin Eck 

KOKH anchor Mitch English nearly derailed a live shot this morning after he noticed a couple fighting behind reporter Tom George.

George was standing in a Walmart parking lot at 6 this morning, all ready to talk about Oklahoma’s tax free weekend, when English noticed the couple arguing behind him.

“Are they yelling at each other, Tom?” English asked George.

Both George and co-anchor Leslie Draffin seemed like they wanted nothing to do with the domestic disturbance unfolding behind them, but English would not be deterred.

Eventually George proved adept at conflict resolution by side-stepping the three-way conflict developing between English, Draffin and the couple by giving a short update on the fight and then resuming the newscast, pretty much telling everyone to go back to their homes since nothing more was to be seen in the WalMart parking lot at 6 a.m.