Anchor Juliet Dragos Undergoes Rotator Cuff Surgery

By Aneya Fernando 

WZZM anchor Juliet Dragos has announced that she will be off the air for several weeks to recover from rotator cuff surgery. Dragos, an evening anchor at the Grand Rapids ABC affiliate, has worked at the station for 23 years.

She underwent a three hour surgery on her right shoulder yesterday, and is now in recovery. Dragos told that her right shoulder had caused her mild pain for years. After two bad falls, an MRI showed her bicep tendon was in the wrong place and would eventually tear.

Although Dragos will be off the air for some time, her fans can keep up to date on her recovery by reading her blog, Get Well, Juliet. She says she wants to warn viewers not to ignore their body’s signals.

“Why did I wait? How could I have done this to my body?” Dragos wrote on her blog. “I ask myself those questions every day now.”

Dragos returns to WZZM (in a sling) in early February.