Anchor Craig Wolf Claims WBBH Fired Him for Complaining About ‘Extremely Unclean’ Studio

By Andrew Gauthier 

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In a lawsuit filed on Friday against his former employer, longtime WBBH anchor Craig Wolf alleges that he was fired last March because he called attention to the “extremely unclean” conditions of the station’s studio and newsroom.

Since being abruptly fired last year, Wolf has batted away rumors about what led to his dismissal and now, with the lawsuit, he is coming (ahem) clean.

The lawsuit, first reported on by the Fort Myers News-Press, accuses Waterman Broadcasting, WBBH’s owner, of violating the Florida Whistleblower Act, a law that protects employees from retaliation for objecting to unlawful acts committed by an employer.

Wolf claims that he repeatedly complained about the unclean conditions at the station and even filed an anonymous complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  But, according to Wolf, his complaints were largely ignored.

Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit:

From the time Wolf began working for Waterman, he noticed the news studio and newsroom were extremely unclean and the office furnishings were in disrepair. Specifically, the carpeting on the riser upon which the anchor desk sat was caked with dust, dirt and the residue left by more than 10 years of cosmetics.

In 2006, Wolf began to experience a physical reaction to these conditions when he would enter the news studio. Specifically, Wolf began to cough uncontrollably, which affected his ability to present the news broadcast.

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