Anchor Becomes Face of Breast Cancer in North Alabama

By Andrew Gauthier 

Alabama Live

Outside of the nightly 5 and 6 o’clock newscasts, the face of breast cancer in North Alabama rarely has makeup.

Because it is often without makeup, because it is atop a 6-foot frame, the local face of breast cancer receives a lot of surprised looks at the grocery store.


People approach her. They grab her hand, sometimes squeezing it for emphasis, and tell her their stories.

Stories. So many stories about Liz Hurley and her journey with breast cancer.

Stories of women calling her at home or at WAFF-TV, where she has been a news anchor for almost 13 years.

Many of them call her after they have been diagnosed with breast cancer, just as she was diagnosed in August 1998. The calls are usually “dead air,” as she puts it.

“Liz?” the caller says. Silence. “Yes,” she says. Then tears. More…