Amidst Layoffs at WCCO, Talk Turns to GM’s Tears

By Andrew Gauthier 


WCCO-TV‘s GM Susan Adams Loyd, left, doesn’t have to like firing people, but she’s got to learn to suck up those tears.

Last week, Mark Schiller and two other directors were fired, but “apparently it was a worse day for Susan, who actually excused herself from the firing meeting after sobbing,” he said. “Quite honestly, I found it very disrespectful … it seemed like it was now more about her and how she felt versus the three people who were being let go.”

Ann Chevalier could confirm the emotion but not the tears. “I didn’t really look at her face too much,” she said Monday. “If she was sobbing, sorry, I didn’t catch it. She just said this is the hardest thing she ever had to do. I’d like to think she is somewhat human.”

Schiller said he, Chevalier and Greg Snow were called into a meeting with Loyd, creative services director Scott Wooldridge, controller Ann Ouellette, production manager Clayton Braaten and Gary Kroger, veep of engineering. More…