Amarillo Reporter Tells Story Behind Her Arrest

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

This week, KVII reporter Lia Kamana opened up about her arrest in October.

Kamana found herself behind bars on assault charges, but couldn’t remember what happened or how she got to jail.

“Because I ended up behind bars, I didn’t have time to worry about what happened. I just knew I had to start fighting to prove I was the victim, not the perpetrator,” said Kamana.


In a story that aired on Tuesday, Kamana told a cautious tale about going out with friends in Amarillo, Texas. She says during a night out, three men bought them drinks and hers was drugged.

“I thought I was being careful,” said Kamana. “I was standing at the bar, saw the bartender pouring, saw the bartender hand the drinks over, the only time I turned my back was to hand them to my two friends.”

The only reason she knows this is because after hiring a lawyer, Kamana got hair analysis and it came back positive for GHB, gamma hydroxybutyric acid. She had been slipped the date rape drug the night of her arrest.

You can watch her entire story below.