Altered WQOW Video Removed from WI Congressman’s Website

By Merrill Knox 

On a visit to Chippewa Falls, WI, last Thursday, congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) was interviewed by Eau Claire station WQOW. The interview aired that night on the evening news.

Friday morning, Duffy’s office sent an email to his supporters that included a YouTube link to the WQOW piece. One problem: the video had been altered (screen grab, left). The congressman’s office had added text over the piece that the station says may have led viewers to believe the station was endorsing Duffy’s message.

WQOW writes of the incident on their website, saying Duffy’s office refused to take the video down when first contacted. The station also contacted YouTube and informed them the video was copyrighted and should be removed. Duffy’s office eventually relented and took the altered video down.

“We added text to emphasize the congressman’s words,” reads a statement from Duffy’s office. “The video was taken down … once it became apparent the text was causing some confusion.”

Note to Rep. Duffy: this may work on MTV’s “The Real World” but it won’t when eagle-eyed TV stations are watching.