Albany Meteorologist Reveals Childhood Abuse

By Kevin Eck 

WNYT meteorologist Jason Gough was the subject of a story from the Albany, New York NBC affiliate where he works about child abuse. In the story by Benita Zahn, Gough reveals he was a victim.

Gough has worked at the station since 2004 and says he was inspired by an interview he saw with Tyler Perry where Perry revealed his story of abuse.

He tells the station his aunt started abusing him when he was eight years old.

“I’ve had phone calls, texts, emails and between different threads on various Facebook pages, close to 1000 comments I guess,” Gough told TVSpy about the reaction to the story. “I did the story to be a catalyst to encourage others to do what they need to do to heal. I believe my position comes with a responsibility to help whoever I can, however I can.”

“I want to let everybody know that this is not your fault,” Gough said in his story. “This has to come out. If you tell one person or if you broadcast it.”

[Psychotherapist Mike] Lew explains a major life change often shakes loose the painful memories. For Jason, that happened 12 years ago. He was preparing to return to Albany, his hometown, from Texas where he had been living with his wife, Jennifer.

“Jennifer said I turned like an ashen color and started to rock. She didn’t know what to do and I just kind of blanked out and then it was just like I came out of it and I said, ‘Oh, I was abused when I was a kid. I know who did it.’ I mean it was just like that,” recalled Jason.

Shortly after that epiphany, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer and her care became Jason’s focus. She recovered, but Jason’s confrontation with his past was stalled by seven years.

Emotions and recollections would spill over, blindsiding him with such intensity he became severely depressed.

“There were times when I was considering some pretty hideous things,” he admitted. When NewsChannel 13’s Benita Zahn asked, “Suicidal?” Jason replied, “Mm-hmm,” and nodded his head.

His family rallied around him, encouraging him to get help. He had already shared details of the sexual abuse with them. Fortunately, they believed him and didn’t pass judgement. Those are all critical components to recovery say the experts, who add peer support is another integral part of healing.

Here’s the story: