Al Gnoza No Longer with WHTM

By Kevin Eck 

Gnoza Comment WHTMAl Gnoza is no longer with Harrisburg, Penn. ABC affiliate WHTM.

“Because this is a personnel matter,” WHTM GM Joe Lewin told PennLive via email. “I can only tell you that Mr. Gnoza is no longer an employee of abc27.”

Al Gonza’s response to a fan last week on Twitter suggested that he had been reprimanded following a joke he made about the semi-annual Three Mile Island emergency warning sirens, but was hoping to return to the air yesterday (Dec. 8).


During last Wednesday night’s 11:00 p.m. news, Gnoza told viewers, “If you live around Three Mile Island and you hear emergency sirens tomorrow afternoon, we’re all going to die.” He then continued with the real story warning viewers not to be alarmed about the siren test.

As of this writing various facebook pages supporting Gnoza have sprung up. “We stand with Al Gnoza” has 56 likes and wants  to show WHTM “how popular he was.” There are two “Bring Back Al Gnoza”pages one has 156 likes the other has has 133 likes. In addition, a group called “Bring Al Gnoza back to 27 news at 5” has also been started.