After a Report on KOVR, Sacramento Man Replaces Money Stolen From 7-Year-Old’s Piggy Bank

By Merrill Knox 

For seven-year-old Nikita Moroz, who had more than $300 stolen from his piggy bank when his family’s house was burglarized last week, the kindness of strangers was a lesson learned in the public spotlight.

CBS owned-and-operated KOVR in Sacramento first reported on the burglary Monday night. The station said they were flooded with calls from viewers, offering to help. The following day they arranged for one of them, Donovan Schultz, to meet with Moroz and his mother.

“He said that he wanted to buy his mother a new house and that … that got me,” said Schultz (watch video of the exchange inside). “That actually broke me into tears and I called the newsroom right away.” The station arranged the meeting; Schultz generously replaced the stolen money out of his own pocket.