After 2 Years Without a Contract, Stephanie Watson Will Leave Pittsburgh’s KDKA

By Merrill Knox 

After five years as an anchor for CBS owned-and-operated KDKA in Pittsburgh, Stephanie Watson’s last day on the air will be Sunday.

Watson has worked the last two years without a contract. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Watson — who has been splitting time with Kristine Sorensen as weekday evening news anchor since January — was hoping to be named the permanent successor to Patrice King Brown, who retired earlier this year.

But last week, the station announced former CBS correspondent Susan Koeppen would take over the nightly anchor duties. Watson turned in her resignation on September 12, the same day KDKA announced that Koeppen was joining the station.

“Was it a tough decision? Absolutely,” Watson told the Post-Gazette. “But it was something I personally needed to grow, and to get the security of a contract.”

A California native, Watson said she has been interviewing for jobs on the West Coast.