Adam Owens Leaves WRAL to ‘Go in Another Career Direction’

By Kevin Eck 

WRAL anchor and reporter Adam Owens has left the Raleigh, N.C. NBC affiliate after 15 years.

In an emotional goodbye at the end of his last newscast on Sunday, Owens said the decision was “a tough decision, but good for my family.”

Owens has worked at the station since August 2007.


“It was a tough decision to go in another career direction, but it is a decision that will give me more time with my wife and my two girls,” he wrote on Facebook. “I want to thank those of you watching for your time and attention and for being so kind to me over the years. There is a wonderful family here at WRAL and I hold my co-workers in high regard. After more than 20-years in this business, I continue to believe strongly in the importance of journalism. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.”