ABC Hunts for Sawyer Replacement on ‘GMA’

By Andrew Gauthier 

Los Angeles Times

Since the news broke last month that Diane Sawyer will be leaving ABC’s “Good Morning America” to replace Charles Gibson on the network’s flagship evening broadcast, female broadcasters such as Ashleigh Banfield and Suze Orman have eagerly volunteered to replace her.

But ABC executives are intent on finding a male anchor to pair with co-host Robin Roberts and restore the morning show’s traditional male-female duo, according to multiple sources in and outside the network.


While the network has cast a wide net in its search for Sawyer’s successor, it appears increasingly likely that the “GMA” co-host will be selected from within ABC’s ranks, in part because contenders like CNN’s Anderson Cooper are locked in long-term contracts. A short list of candidates is widely believed to include “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos, “World News Saturday” anchor David Muir, “GMA Weekend” co-host Bill Weir and “GMA” news anchor Chris Cuomo.

As a test run, Stephanopoulos is filling in for Sawyer for the rest of the week as executives seek to measure his chemistry with Roberts and his deftness in handling lighter fare. More…